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Welcome to MarieJane's Page!

Hello! And welcome to the page of Marie Jane Works
I'm sure you will love your time here! I would really appreciate your support with the gift of watching me, and following me on my other social medias! Thanks~
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Please feel free to support me further by ordering a commission from me. I am a varied artist and there is no request that I can't do. I am confident in my abilities and I will make you proud.
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Please keep in mind everyone, I take art theft very seriously. Please respect me as an artist and do not save,edit, copy or redistribute my work.FREE - Warning bullet by ume-usagi Thanks.
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Marie Jane Works by MarieJane67777

My Gallery ~


Below are some of my personal favourite submissions, but be sure to check out my full gallery so you can find some of yours! Thank You for your time~
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Elements of Four by MarieJane67777 Black and White by MarieJane67777 Kitty Dish by MarieJane67777 It Was An Accident by MarieJane67777



Read Another Feudal Fairy Tale here!
Arrow Bullet (Blue) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre…

For those of you who are new to my page and do not know what AFFT is, keep reading and I will explain.
To put it simply, it is a crossover fanfiction but there is more to it than that. It is written in the descriptions of matching illustrations that I created to make reading it more enjoyable.
First off, the main focus of it is the anime Inuyasha(later, Yugioh) and is often crossed over to other anime such as Sailormoon, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. Secondly, my original character, Skylar Fox is featured in it and plays the role of the female protagonist, Jane Matsuura/Neptune who had a tragic past and forced to work together with the main characters of Inuyasha. There will be action, there will be tragedy, there will be love triangles and there will be humour.

Now, there is a very important detail for you to be aware of if you wish to consider AFFT! And that is, I started it when I was 12 years old. Why is this important? Because the beginning of the story is very cheesy, poorly planned and has beginner quality art work. I have considered to redo it all but the progression of the story is very symbolic to my improvement as an artist and where my inspiration came from. It represents my evolution as an artist and I think that is worth a lot. So please remember this when you struggle through the first 70 or so pages, however, it does improve and become interesting! I promise you that AFFT has plenty of supporters!

:star: Video Explanation;…

Skylar Fox ~


:iconblue-fplz::iconblue-oplz::iconblue-xplz:Blue heart and silver chain border by AudraMBlackburnsArt

Meet Skylar. This is my most treasured character of all time! I am currently working onher development and story plot because soon, I plan to write a novel on her!

Skylar Fox ~ by MarieJane67777 Skylar Fox ~Winter by MarieJane67777
Skylar Fox ~ Convival by MarieJane67777 Skylar's Expressions ~ by MarieJane67777

I can't give away too much info on my ideas except that she is a fox, lives with her dad and brothers and has a best guy friend who she wishes to be involved romantically with. If you want to see more of Skylar Fox; continue reading, visit my gallery for more art or see her star in AFFT.
Jane by NeirahIgarashi
Skylar's History
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Skylar is more than my most treasured character. She is my role model, she is my reality escape, and in a lot of ways she is me...or at least who i strive to be. When I created Jane, I was only 12 years old and the inspiration came from my childhood obsession, Inuyasha. I created her to be the teenager that I wanted to be; She's strong, she's smart, she's talented, she's funny, she's well liked, and she's beautiful. Deciding what she would look like was a challenge. She has gone through so much change that I could create a whole new character with what she used to be. But this is what she was suppose to be. She has grown with me in every way, and as i become more independent, so does she. Skylar's original story is in the process of making and sharing what I have so far is out of the question, but like mentioned before, you can see her in my fanfiction.


Many people support Skylar/Jane and have created beautiful artworks for me. Here are a few of my favourites!

CM:Mariejane67777 by CrymsonFire445 For Inuyasha67777 by FelineFero

You can see more drawings of Skylar from other artists!
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! by…



Music Note Bullet (Purple) - F2U! by Drache-LehreHow about a little appreciation for the inspiration of my life from some of my favourite fandoms. If you like any of these, we are sure to be very good friends!

More Fandomes<3



:star: ///My page is currently up to date!///

Comment Challenge

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 2, 2011, 8:37 PM

Taken from; :iconsanctuarysembrace:

This is a wonderful idea! Points go to you. Let's do it, guys!

"So I've seen a lot of people making journals about how they feel like they don't get enough comments on their work. While this is often something that I, personally, ignored in my own work, I've noticed that this is undeniably true. So, I present you with:"

The Comment Challenge

This is how it's going to go.

- Every time you favorite something make a [positive] comment.
It can be simple such as 'Cool!' or something more elaborate. Doesn't matter 

- Make a journal to boost this. We want everyone to feel loved and get a flood of positive notifications!
I think I speak for all of us when I say a new comment makes you pretty happy--especially when it's positive!

- Keep it up for at least a month!
This will get you into the habit of commenting positively and make the community a better place [hopefully]! 

- Tag at least 5 friends!
It's not really any fun to do a challenge if you're the only one doing it, right?

- If you are tagged, then you HAVE to at least make a journal linking back.
Cause if you're not going to spread positive messages because you don't want to take a minute from your life to copy and paste, that's kinda rude man.
*Note: if you are tagged more than once, you just have to update your journal to notify your watchers. A constant reminder is great.


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Roseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArt


Achieved 700 watchers <3
Commissions are still open, don't be afraid to ask.
AFFT progressing quickly!
Large projects!

Silver Heart And Rose Divider by AudraMBlackburnsArt

:bulletpink: Follow Me !! :bulletpink:

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:bulletgreen: Another Feudal Fairy Tale (AFFT) :bulletgreen:


Im glad about how my doujinshi/Fanfiction is turning out. More views and watchers that keep coming make me happier and happier. If you're new to my page, read it. You'll enjoy it, especially if you're a fan if Inuyasha or Yugioh . If you want some spoiler first, check my gallery, there is plenty spoiler artwork. My custom widget on my profile has a long summary. FAQ is listed at the end of this journal. Also a meme of Jane with spoiler information is in my gallery. And feel free to note me, or comment on my profile or art to ask any spoiler questions. i don't mind spoiling cuz my manga iss longg and if i dont spoil, the story is really long. If your a fan of inuyasha, i garentee you'll become a fan of Another feudal fairy tale!

Jane in AFFT:

I've been writing AFFT and submitted each as pages. I don't want to submit Chapters at a time because that's a lot more writing and if i were the reader, i wouldn't want to read that much. Submitting a few paragraphs as one page with a drawing is like turning AFFT from a comic book, to a nice long story book. I think we can all enjoy it better this way. 
The attached illustrations have also been both traditionally and digitally created. The reason? It's effects. I take just as long creating art digitally then i do traditionally, however, the background takes me much longer traditionally, so i figured that we can appreciate the background just as much weather i got it from an Inuyasha screen shot, a previously done artwork, or if i drew it out from scratch. It will change depending on the drawing of course, but i don't have the time to be sitting there drawing out a background all the time. On Photoshop however, i can make all kinds of illusions that match the story, such as transparency, or a glowing effect etc. So even if some of the illustrations in the future come out traditional, i will usually include digital effects.
The story also improves immensely. Comparing AFFT now to the beginning of it is just shocking. The story is completely different. Before i was young and just wanted to make the story to watch Jane transform in pretty colours and make out with my favorite Anime character, Inuyasha. But now, my objectives are different. For one thing, my watchers are enjoying the story more as it grows, and i want to lead them to the very end of it. Also, my character Jane has completely evolved with me and is more then just a sailor moon rip off. She's her own character, with a personality and a heart. (She's also in the middle of creating her own personal story, outside of Inuyasha.) She's almost alive in me and i try to make the AFFT less about being perfect and more about being real and bringing it to life as much as i can. 
And don't forget, I'm still a hardcore Inuyasha fan. I totally support InuxKag, and love the original story! don't assume otherwise. But it ended, and i didn't want it to, so i made one of my own, with a little me involved.
Thanks for reading, and don't forget to check out the summary.
Love you guys <3

Oh yes, thanks to my helper with Halo! >> LadyxAolani [=

AFFT Partners;


:bulletyellow: Activity :bulletyellow:

~Commissions Here>>… !~

Working on;
-AFFT pages! (Back in Business!)
-Commissions (Open)
-My own 100themes list.

100TC LIST ;
(Blue = finished)

To see ALL of the finished pieces, click here >…
:bulletblue: 1.Dark…
:bulletblue: 2.Photograph…
:bulletblue: 3.Disturbia…
:bulletred: 4.Princess
:bulletblue: 5.Vampire…
:bulletblue: 6.Pirate…
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:bulletred: 8.Toy
:bulletblue: 9.Candyland…
:bulletblue: 10. Forest…
:bulletblue: 11.Sleeping Beauty…
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:bulletred: 14.Pet
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:bulletblue: 22. Little Flowers…
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:bulletblue: 26.Stars…
:bulletblue: 27.Fairy……
:bulletred: 28.Litte Mermaid
:bulletred: 29.Ipod
:bulletred: 30.Famous
:bulletred: 31.Food
:bulletred: 32.Cinderella
:bulletred: 33.Puzzle
:bulletred: 34.Ancient Greece
:bulletred: 35.Lock and Key
:bulletred: 36.Mirror
:bulletblue: 37.Caricature…
:bulletred: 38.Light
:bulletred: 39.Wedding
:bulletred: 40.Cosplay
:bulletred: 41.Zelda
:bulletred: 42.Fruit
:bulletred: 43.Love
:bulletred: 44.Ninja
:bulletred: 45.Bug
:bulletred: 46.Sex
:bulletblue: 47.What if..…
:bulletblue: 48.Summer…
:bulletred: 49.Snow
:bulletred: 50.Power
:bulletred: 51.Family
:bulletred: 52.Chains
:bulletred: 53.Time
:bulletred: 54.Childhood
:bulletblue: 55.Beauty and the Beast
:bulletred: 56.Training
:bulletred: 57.Friendship
:bulletred: 58.Pain
:bulletred: 59.Dream
:bulletred: 60.Envy
:bulletred: 61.Rain
:bulletblue: 62.Under Water…
:bulletred: 63.Creature
:bulletred: 64.Alice in Wonderland
:bulletred: 65.Reflection
:bulletblue: 66.Advertisement…
:bulletred: 67.Sports
:bulletblue: 68.Mask
:bulletblue: 69.Lucky…
:bulletred: 70.Deep in thought
:bulletblue: 71.Falling star…
:bulletred: 72.Annoyence
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:bulletred: 84.Easter
:bulletblue: 85.Halloween
:bulletblue: 87. Queen of hearts
:bulletblue: 88. Cooking…
:bulletred: 89.Ghost
:bulletred: 90.WTF
:bulletred: 91.Black and white
:bulletred: 92.Bow and Arrow
:bulletblue: 93.Fashion…
:bulletblue: 94.Animal…
:bulletred: 95.Devil
:bulletblue: 96.Graduation…
:bulletred: 97.Wind
:bulletred: 98.Fear
:bulletred: 99.Freak
:bulletred: 100.Poison

:bulletblack: FAQ :bulletblack:

a) Q: Does Jane end up with Inuyasha? A: Yes.

b) Q: Can i have a request/Trade? A: NO. i only do commissions!!

c) Q: When's the next page coming? A: When i get more feedback on previous pages.

d) Q: When will Yami appear in AFFT? A: In a while still.. LOL all i can say is keep reading.


THANKS FOR READING :tighthug: :heart:

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Journal Entry: Wed Jun 1, 2011, 6:17 AM
Bullet; Purple Paypal USD only.

~ If you're paying with paypal, make sure when you pay you select that you are 'paying friends or family' that way there will be no fee

:star: If you would like the original art shipped and mailed to you, note me and we'll discuss it!

:star: the + means that the price varies depending on the media, if you want colour, how much detail, how many characters, a complicated background, complex characters, Photoshop additions, size, if you want it mailed, etc. it all depends on what you want. If you have any questions, even without the intent to order, don't hesitate to ask. I will not be offended.
Points are no longer accepted.
                                                                                                           Paypal Stamp by artist4com

Current Special: $5 !! 
Click and read to find out more. 
$5 Commission Special by MarieJane67777        

Eye Spy 2 by MarieJane67777JANE by MarieJane67777Skylar's Expressions ~ by MarieJane67777 Janes Profile by MarieJane67777 As Long As I Wear The Boots by MarieJane67777Splash ~ by MarieJane67777 MJ's Logos by MarieJane67777 Skylar Fox ~ Alternate by MarieJane67777 It's Alive - Frankenstein Lab by MarieJane67777 Pencil Chest by MarieJane67777
~ $10+
Collages, Sketches and Basic Design! 
Media: To Be Discussed

100TC 94. Animal by MarieJane67777 Gracefully or Recklessly by MarieJane67777Initial D Practice by MarieJane67777 Crossing The Street ~YugixRebecca by MarieJane67777
~ $20+
Pointillism/CrossHatching drawings
Media: Pen and Markers

Die In Your Arms by MarieJane67777 Helena Lomba by MarieJane67777 Rain Or Shine by MarieJane67777
~ $20+
Pop-Art Portraits on Canvas or Card Stock Paper!
Media: Paint and/or Copiic Markers

AFFT Ch7 Pg87 by MarieJane67777 AFFT YS ~ The Fountain ~ Spoiler Art by MarieJane67777 AFFT ~ Chapter 7 Page 86 by MarieJane67777 AFFT Chapter 6 Page 80 by MarieJane67777 Kingdom Of ICEolation ~ Frozen by MarieJane67777Kingdom Hearts 2 ~ Remake Poster by MarieJane67777AFFT Chapter 10 Page 102 by MarieJane67777

~ $20+
Traditional/Digital Drawings with photographed/stocked background
Media: To be discussed

What Makes You Happy by MarieJane67777100 TC 45. Bug ~ Saturated Butterfly by MarieJane67777She's Beautiful by MarieJane67777Touch The Spindle .100TC 11. Sleeping Beauty by MarieJane67777I am Your Captive by MarieJane67777The Blue Beldam ~ 100TC 13. Cursed by MarieJane67777 Yami And Jane by MarieJane67777  Skylar Fox  Portrait by MarieJane67777Link ~ Warrior of Courage by MarieJane67777
Character Portrait Drawings
Media: To be discussed 

Why Is The Rum Always Gone? by MarieJane67777The Cold One by MarieJane67777I'm a Barbie Girl by MarieJane67777Cigarette by MarieJane67777I Do Believe In Fairies by MarieJane67777100TC 68. Mask by MarieJane67777Lady GaGa by MarieJane67777Chica Morte - Commission by MarieJane67777

~ $30+
Realistic Portrait Drawings
Media: To Be Discussed

I Didn't Say, Get Naked by MarieJane67777Christmas Wish by MarieJane67777Once Upon A Dream by MarieJane67777This Is Me And This Is Her by MarieJane67777Soul Sisters ~ Commission by MarieJane67777Skylar Fox ~ by MarieJane67777Tendrils by MarieJane67777AFFT ~ Thanks to You ~ The Yami Season by MarieJane67777AFFT Ch9 pg100 ! by MarieJane67777Red or Blue - AFFT by MarieJane67777We're adults now... HiccupxAstrid by MarieJane67777Pockey by MarieJane67777Zelda U ~ by MarieJane67777Skylar Fox ~ Convival by MarieJane67777AFFT Ch10 Pg103 by MarieJane67777Absolon W.Gray by MarieJane67777

Character, Little or No Back grounds.
Media: To be discussed

The Missing Sharkanian by MarieJane67777Caught by MarieJane677772H2F~ Sora and MaryJane by MarieJane67777Twilight ~ I could'nt ignore you any longer by MarieJane67777 100TC 9. CandyLand (Discovering A New World) by MarieJane67777100TC 48.Summer .+InuKag+. by MarieJane67777 AFFT ~ Heart Of The Duelist ~ The Yami Season by MarieJane67777AFFT Chapter 9 Page 98 by MarieJane67777Almost Caught ~ Commission by MarieJane67777Elements of Four by MarieJane67777Crossing The Street ~YugixRebecca by MarieJane67777The Moon Above You by MarieJane67777In The Distance ~ Commission by MarieJane67777It Was An Accident by MarieJane67777 Mine ~ Commission by MarieJane67777

~ $30+
Media: to be discussed

PRANKSTERS - Salt by MarieJane67777 AFFT Ch10 Pg103 by MarieJane67777 AFFT Ch10 pg104 by MarieJane67777

~ $5+ Per Panel
Comic Strips
Media: To Be Discussed

100TC 27. Fairy (In a Burrow) by MarieJane67777White with Black Stripes by MarieJane67777Jessica Alba by MarieJane67777Once Upon A Forst.. by MarieJane67777The Life Of Rumours by MarieJane67777Starry Night ~ MJ's by MarieJane67777My Favourite Pair by MarieJane67777 Elements of Four by MarieJane67777Skylar Fox ~ Convival by MarieJane67777Skull Sugar~ by MarieJane67777 An Eye for an Eye by MarieJane67777  Black and White by MarieJane67777
~ $50+
Full Detailed Paintings
Media: To be discussed

Skylar Fox ~ Animation by MarieJane67777

~ $$ Depends. Average is $5+ per frame.
Media: Digital

:bulletred: When an order has been made, I will keep you updated on the process.

Stop Art Theft by Sontar

                           Thank YOU!! ~ MarieJane MarieJane67777

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About Marie Jane's Artistic Journey


You are reading my ID which means, you want to learn about me, right? Well...
I'm not going to go on about how I've been drawing since my diaper years or how it was always meant to be. No, I'm not going to go that deep. 
To be honest, I don't remember that deep.
But I do remember being very excited whenever my mom lit up after every doodle that I did. In fact, I remember drawing with relatives around, just for the soul purpose of getting their attention. Well, that attention seeking trick helped me realize that I actually really enjoyed to draw and after a while, I started to become really good at it!
Let's fast forward a few years. This is when I really started to enhance my skills. I discovered at age 10 and realized that I had thousands of images at my fingertips. So I started copying many pictures per day, learning from them and picking up new techniques. My favorite subject to draw was Anime, especially my childhood show, Inuyasha. I was a fan since I was 6 years old, but I never thought of drawing it until i found stilled images online. I had a huge crush on Inuyasha when I was a kid and he was my favourite subject. 
Now I'll tell you why I continue to create art. Well, there are many reasons. One of the main reasons is that it brings me so much joy. Not a single day goes by when I don't create art. The second reason I enjoy it is because of the reactions I get from viewers. It has made friends and family smile and it has made online viewers comment wonderful things. Knowing that I am not the only person enjoying my art makes me happier than ever. It is my favourite part.


Thanks for reading and I hope you've learned a bit about me<3

MuchLove by KmyGraphicForYou by KmyGraphic

What do you want to see soon? 

9 deviants said The next Heroine from your new series!
9 deviants said An Original please! your last illustration was lovely!
6 deviants said AFFT!! It's been ages and It's getting good!



MarieJane67777 has started a donation pool!
2,001 / 3,000
If you would donate some points as a token of acknowledging my hard work, that would be wonderful!! I love to use the points to support others and commission them.

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I am currently taking an Illustration program at Seneca college that I worked my butt off to get in. I am really excited about it and look forward to my art career. <3

Star Button by IridescentStardustI graduated elementary from St.Rita and won the award for all arts including, Visual, Drama and Music.

Star Button by IridescentStardustI took a night course when I was 14 and worked with an animator who worked for Disney's Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast. I definitely learned a lot from him.

Star Button by IridescentStardustI took an Art Fundamentals program at Seneca to help prepare me for the Illustration application process and I enjoyed that as well, acing most of my courses.

Star Button by IridescentStardustI went to high school at ArchBishop Romero. I took visual arts every year and won the art award each year as well, including a $300 check at graduation.. You can see the sketchbook that won the award for me in the video below!

:bulletred:SUBSCRIBE now! :iconheyboyplz:…



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Thank you for reading my crazy page! <3 Don't forget to leave a comment! :heart:



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AND HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~
PapaCarebear Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  New member Hobbyist Photographer
Ty for joining :iconbeyond-the-art: and welcome. You may submit your work at any time if you wish to do so...

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ty for the :points: :)
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yw <3
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